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Walnut Creek Chiropractor | Meet Dr. JD Dudum

Getting Back to Life with Chiropractic Care

Dr. JD Dudum
As a child, Dr. JD Dudum loved sports, especially basketball. But, in high school, he suffered several basketball injuries, including a few concussions. He was diagnosed with post-concussion syndrome.

“I’d have migraines three to fours times a week. I couldn’t focus in school and I wasn’t allowed to play basketball. It was a pretty horrible time in my life.”

After six months of being referred to several medical specialists who weren’t able to help, Dr. Dudum was finally referred to a chiropractor. “In four to six weeks, I was headache free and able to play basketball again! Now I have a passion to help people who are in similar situations.”

I want you to realize, you can feel better and heal through chiropractic care. Then, there’s no stopping what you can do.

Dr. JD Dudum

Giving Back Through Chiropractic

Dr. Dudum studied chiropractic at Life Chiropractic College West (“Life West“) in nearby Hayward, California.

“I knew chiropractic could help things like sports injuries, but I was amazed at the number of other conditions helped by chiropractic. Conditions like allergies and blood pressure can be significantly improved through the help of chiropractic care.”

Dr. Dudum loves to reach out and explain the benefits of chiropractic care. “People sometimes don’t have an understanding about how powerful chiropractic care can be. Before I studied chiropractic, I didn’t know all the ways chiropractic could help. I want to help people realize that they can feel better.”

“I Simply Breathe Health

In addition to regular chiropractic care, Dr. Dudum stresses the importance of a healthy lifestyle. As a licensed nutritionist, Dr. Dudum aims to be healthy in all aspects of his life. “I cook healthy food, I’m active at the gym, and I go on walks. I live to be healthy,” he says.

Let Dr. Dudum share with you the life changing benefits of chiropractic and a healthy lifestyle. Call (925) 300-3302 to get the discussion started.

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