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Always tired and cold
even when your labs are normal?

Here is the turnaround…

  • Which foods to use to triple your energy
  • Which lab test highlights your path to feeling better
  • Why a normal lab test doesn’t mean everything is normal

Watch the video at right to get answers to these questions. Are you ready to let these problems go and get back to feeling terrific?

Click the button below to schedule a FREE meeting with Dr. Dudum. He’ll send you a metabolic assessment form to identify where your body is breaking down and highlight the specific steps back to feeling great.



I can honestly say that I haven’t felt this good in decades. Since I started working with Dr. Dudum a few weeks ago, everything has improved. My daily challenges with weight are better. I am no longer cold all the time or losing my hair. There is no more confusion. I know exactly what I need to do to keep this going. It is crystal clear and easier than I thought it could be.

- Pat J.

Dr. JD Dudum is Northern California’s Authority on Integrated Health

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