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What to Expect at Dudum Chiropractic

Discovering How We Can Help You

Make yourself comfortable at Dudum Chiropractic

You will feel comfortable at Dudum Chiropractic!

Welcome to our family wellness center! During your first visit, we’ll spend some time investigating your concerns and determining the appropriate care plan for you and your loved ones.

Paperwork. Once you’ve been greeted, we’ll help you complete your new patient paperwork. The paperwork is also here on our website, so you can complete it at home if you’d like. Completing the paperwork in advance will give us more time together at your visit to discuss and focus on your concerns.

Online Forms Consultation. We’ll talk about what may be causing your pain. Dr. Dudum explains, “I’ll determine whether I can help and how. I’ll give you some information about your spine to help you understand exactly what I’ll be looking for during your exam.”

Supporting Evidence Through Your Exam Results

The goal for your exam is to gain as much information about how your body is functioning as possible. We’ll be highlighting the areas that aren’t functioning as they should so we can better support your needs.

Your comprehensive chiropractic exam will consist of:

  • A range of motion assessment
  • A neurological exam
  • An orthopedic exam
  • Functional muscle testing

We’ll wrap up your visit with your first treatment, to help alleviate some of your pain and start you on your way toward feeling better. In all, we’ll spend about 45 minutes together for this first visit.

Finding the Solution

“In a few days, I’ll have you come back to the office to discuss our report of findings. I’ll present you with a suggested plan of care, including your future visits and any exercises you can do support your healing.”

We’ll spend about 20 to 30 minutes going over everything you’ll need to know moving forward with your care.

Putting it All Together

Once you feel you’ve reached your goal, you can determine whether to continue with wellness care to maintain your good health. This is entirely up to you. Your regular visits should last about 15 minutes each, depending on other services and therapies you might receive.

“Sometimes patients will tell me after their appointment that they’ve never felt so good. Often, once someone starts their chiropractic care, they start to feel better and function better and want to continue coming back. They don’t want to give up the good feeling they’ve found!”

Ready to get started? Let’s talk about whether you, too, might benefit from chiropractic care. Take the first step – contact us today! (925) 300-3302

Dudum Chiropractic | (925) 300-3302

We Offer Two Convenient Locations To Serve You:

Walnut Creek

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