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Dudum Chiropractic Reviews

What Our Walnut Creek Patients Say

At Dudum Chiropractic we love when patients share with us their feedback and comments after chiropractic care. Please read our patient testimonials below to see what other people have achieved through their tailored treatment plans with us. Share your stories too! Click here to send us your feedback so that we can help to spread the word about the benefits of natural Dudum Chiropractic care. For more information, or to schedule an appointment contact us today.

Excellent Treatment

I had an amazing experience! I really appreciated the time Dr. Ben took to understand the issue I’ve been struggling with for the past few years. He provided excellent treatment, and also made suggestions for things I can do at home that will help. I am very happy with the treatment and will definitely return in order to manage my pain.

- Susana

Extremely Pleasant

The staff was extremely pleasant from my first call. My previous experience of going to a chiropractor was not a good one. I appreciated the time Dr. Dudum took to explain what he was going to do and has certainly changed my apprehension about going to a chiropractor.

- Lorraine

“For the first time I had that ‘see the light’ Feeling”

My visit to Dudum Chiropractic was my first visit ever to a chiropractor. The environment was inviting and friendly immediately upon entering the office. The initial visit was extremely educational and informative. JD Dudum was patient and thorough answering each of my questions and explaining processes in depth.

For the first time I had that ‘see the light’ feeling that this practice could really provide the solution to my pain. I am highly confident with the health plan designed specifically for me that I will soon be able to feel improvement with lasting results.

- Nicole | Chronic Pain

“I am now a firm believer of chiropractic care!”

I am now a firm believer of chiropractic care but then all it takes is just the right one and that is Dr. JD Dudum.

He has helped get rid of my husband’s rotator cuff pain. Then my husband referred me for my chronic neck and shoulder pain, and just after my first visit, it already feels better than in years.

I’d recommend him without a doubt.

- Marichelle | Chronic Neck & Shoulder Pain

“I always leave feeling so much better than when I arrived.”

I have had pain from TMJ, sciatica, and general non-exercising on and off for a long time. A friend’s daughter recommended Dr. Dudum, and I am so thankful that she did!

Dr. Dudum took the time to take x-rays, talked to me about each issue, showing me on a model where each bone and sinew interacted, and helped me to fully understand where my pain was coming from as well as what he was looking for every step of the way.

He provided me with simple exercises to help me strengthen my body and I always leave feeling so much better than when I arrived.

For his thoroughness, kindly understanding, expert knowledge and skills, and effective tutoring, I recommend Dr. Dudum to anyone who is suffering from pain.

- Liz | TMJ & Sciatica

“Dr. Dudum’s commitment to my overall health has changed my life!”

I was in a terrible car accident last year and suffered from migraine headaches, neck pain, and anxiety. After seeking help from a physical therapist and a neurologist, I still had severe headaches and neck pains that were interfering with my career as a teacher and my overall functionality as a 28 year old.

I received care from Dr. Dudum and he positively changed my health and got my life back on track. As a result of his care, I now have full range of motion in my neck, my headaches have decreased substantially, and I can function at my true potential.

Dr. Dudum’s commitment to my overall health has changed my life and I can finally get back to enjoying the things I love!

- Katherine | Migraine Headaches

“I’ve been seeing chiropractors off and on for the last 20 years, none of them even compare to Dr. Dudum.”

Dr. Dudum truly is the best chiropractor I have known. I’ve been seeing chiropractors off and on in the last 20 years, none of them even compare to him.

I knew it after my first visit right when I started seeing a difference in my pain level…he listens, asks questions and truly is in tune with what you want.

I highly recommend him for athletes, mothers, pregnant women, and anyone who truly wants to improve their movement and reduce injury.

- Rebecca | Sciatica

“I can’t thank him enough for all that he has done for me. One of the best chiropractors that exists.”

My back went out at home, I visited Dr. Dudum by referral from another chiropractor and let me tell you this has been one of the best things that has happened to me.

I was walking like a 90 year old man and after the first visit my back started to loosen up and I was able to walk and stand straight. My treatment is working so good that after the 4th visit I was back to work lifting heavy items.

Dr. Dudum is very good at explaining every process of the adjustments, the reason why it needs to be done and makes you feel comfortable on each single visit.

I can’t thank him enough for all that he has done for me. One of the best chiropractors that exist, always on time, nice clean and comfortable office, easy access and parking. Without me asking he works on my plantar fasciitis and adjust my shoulder that was in pain for a few days. Let me tell you no more pain. He did a great job.

Thank you Dr. Dudum!

- Roberto | Acute Low Back Pain

“You can’t fake this kind of authenticity, care, and knowledge.”

I was referred to Dr. Dudum by one of my Bikram yoga instructors. In addition to the hot yoga, I run, hike, and (now, at Dr. Dudum’s recommendation) take bootcamp classes.

For the first time in almost five years, my piriformis pain is gone, thanks to his great care. This is someone who is both very good at, and passionate about, what he does.

Dr. Dudum treats the whole person, genuinely seeking and addressing root issues, contributing factors, etc., rather than just looking at the resulting problem. He is committed to fully resolving patients pain so that they do not have to be chronic repeaters, an oft-repeated criticism of the field. You can’t fake this kind of authenticity, care, and knowledge.

- Roxie | Sciatica & Hip Pain

“I have more energy. My thinking is much sharper.”

During the past month, I have found myself in a totally different place than I expected. I am a 57-year old woman who felt that I had to be careful of my activities and my energy.

Since seeing Dr. Dudum, one of the first benefits that I noticed immediately was that my eyes were more sensitive. I could see clearer. The next one was my balance had improved dramatically. The perception that I was out of my balance was gone. I went home that day, got on my bike and road up and down the driveway. I have not been biking since the inner ear issue.

I think the very best thing that I observe now is that I have more energy. My thinking is much sharper. The items on my list to do became much longer. I could do more without thinking about whether I had the energy to do them. I am climbing ladders to paint again.

- Debbie | Pain, Energy and ADD

“I have yet to experience the allergy problems that I did in the past.”

I was very skeptical when Dr. Dudum claimed that routine alignment would help my allergies. In the past, I would experience allergies from mid-January to mid-June. I was taking Clariton D daily during those month.

However, since I have been seeing Dr. Dudum for routine alignment, I have yet to experience the allergy problems that I did in the past. It is now March 1 and I have not had to take my daily dose of allergy medicine that I normally would be taking this time of year.

Furthermore, my golf game and my workouts have improved due to the lack of pain that I previously felt before my treatments with Dr. Dudum.

- Dale | Allergies

“JD’s knowledge and attention to detail helped alleviate symptoms I have been dealing with for years.”

I initially sought out the help of JD because of tension headaches. I have been getting these headaches for over 10 years. I started Pilates a few years ago, which relieved some pain, but was not completely cured of them.

Since seeing JD, I have only had one headache. I came in and he adjusted me, and within a day the headache was gone. Not only does JD help prevent my headaches, he is always able to release any built-up tension in my neck, upper back, and shoulders.

JD’s knowledge and attention to detail helped alleviate symptoms I have been dealing with for years. He has been spot-on with his treatment, and I will absolutely continue my treatment with him. I would definitely recommend him as a chiropractor.

- Amy | Tension Headaches

“I have more energy, feel stronger, and sleep more soundly.”

Dr. JD Dudum is amazing! I came to his clinic by way of a recommendation from my personal trainer. My neck and jaw were very sore and after he implemented a thorough Care Plan including Chiropractic Adjustments, Rehabilitative Exercises, Myofascial Release Therapy, Muscle Stimulation Therapy and vitamin supplement recommendations, I found relief from discomfort.

In addition, his expert advice on proper weight lifting form and exercises has improved my workouts and interval training. I have more energy and feel stronger and sleep more soundly.

He has answered my countless questions with his medical expertise and I also look forward to his informative Doc Walks, yet another way he cares for his patients.

Dr. JD Dudum is obviously passionate about what he does and I highly recommend him.

- Nancy | Neck and Jaw Pain

“Dr. JD Dudum knows optimum health.”

JD knows optimum health. Whether you are active in sports and/or developing better nutritional habits, JD can streamline the segment of your life which matters most: health.

From a chiropractic viewpoint, he is attentive, thorough, and highly competent, and he will create an actions plan that specifically works for you.

- Fred | Overall Health

“Results have been amazing.”

About 8 weeks ago I saw JD at RHCC, and having had chiropractic care for years, I thought it was time again to get re-adjusted, as lower back pain, neck pain, frequent headaches and stiffness overall had started to become intolerable. As a 56 year male active golfer, I put my body through plenty of strain. Not only through playing golf weekly, but the worst of all physical things you can do to hurt your body: sitting at a computer for 8 hours a day.

JD had a plan for tackling everything. Over 8 sessions, he worked on rib cage, spinal, neck, and jaw adjustments. Results have been amazing. With back pain virtually gone, dramatic improvements in the range of movement in the golf swing, no more neck pain or headaches that used to come from compressed discs and constricted muscles.

Coupled with a strength training regime at the gym my results with JD have been tremendous. I highly recommend working with him for a balanced approach to skeletal, and muscular health.

- Noel | Neck Pain, Headaches and Improve Flexibility

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