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BACK AT IT with Dr. Decompression Podcast
at Dudum Chiropractic

Episode 6:
Patient Stories

In this episode, Dr. JD Dudum, shares 2 of his most powerful patient stories and how they completely turned around their back pain. Specifically utilizing the technology of Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression to help patients with lumbar disc injuries avoid spinal surgery and get back on their path to health.

Episode 5:
Spinal Decompression

In this Episode, Dr. JD Dudum talks about the technology behind Spinal Decompression and how it has helped him get the best results for his patients and himself.

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Episode 4:
Sciatica Uncovered

Dr. JD Dudum uncoveres the truth about Sciatica and Sciatica relief. He shares stories and step by step exercises that people can do to relieve sciatica pain.

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Episode 3:
My Story

Dr. JD Dudum shares his personal journey on overcoming back pain. He shares his chiropractic journey, from his childhood struggles with weight, to playing basketball, and then his road to creating his current practice and mission to help people get back to their path to health.

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Episode 2:
Guest: Dr. Kamran Jahangiri

In episode 2, Dr. Dudum interviews Dr. Kamran Jahangiri, one of the founders of San Diego Chiropractic Neurology. Together they share stories and also talk about new technology that is helping their patients with back pain relief.

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Episode 1:
Back At It Introduction
with Dr. Decompression

Dr. JD Dudum specializes in Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression and helps patients across the world with low back pain. You will learn the tips and secretes to solving back and leg pain. You will discover firsthand how Dr. Dudum fixed his disc bulge 4 years ago with spinal decompression and the technology and techniques he utilizes to help thousands of people that were just like him.

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