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Case Study: When Helping Others Hurts You—A Nurse's Spinal Decompression Journey

Woman on decompression tableNurses are dedicated to helping others, but sometimes, the demands of the job cause them problems. Their bodies are often in vulnerable positions, lifting patients up, helping patients perform tasks, or even delivering things.

We had a nurse come into the office as a patient, suffering with such severe pain, she had not been able to work for three months. In addition, she was prescribed Gabapentin and Oxycodone, two highly addictive medications, to manage her pain. She had also done cortisone shots and was considering surgery.

When you’re in pain, you can’t be yourself. Attitudes change, and many people become grumpy as a result. It may also have a ripple effect on friends and family, causing confusion and separation.

Next Level Care

The patient had sought relief with another chiropractor, who was unable to help her because of the severity of her condition. They referred the patient to us for spinal decompression therapy. As the recognized specialists in this area, we have the skills and equipment to provide the care these patients need. We often receive referrals from physical therapists, medical doctors, and other professionals.

Using our specialized decompression matrix exam, we’re able to identify the cause of the pain, and assess whether the patient will benefit from spinal decompression therapy.

The Plan

The patient came to our office for a consultation and exam. After reviewing the findings, we determined the patient had a L5/S1 disc herniation, also known as central disc protrusion. Her disc bulges resulted from too much compression, force, and stress on her discs.

An eight-week plan was created to address her issues. In addition to chiropractic care, the patient received spinal decompression, cold laser therapy, myofascial release techniques, and ice therapy.

After only three visits, the patient was able to stop all pain medications. Now pain-free, she was sleeping better, back to walking, and her stress levels were way down.

With her life back, the patient feels like herself again. She’s looking forward to being involved and present in her family’s lives again—and returning to work.

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