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Could Spinal Decompression Help Your Disc Herniation?

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Every day, we see patients who are sidelined by pain that keeps them from living their best lives. At Dudum Chiropractic, we are pleased to offer patients spinal decompression, an effective way to get relief from disc issues, including herniation.

Herniation refers to the cushions between the spine that look like doughnuts. They are like the shock absorbers of our spine, which allow our body to be dynamic, bend and flex.

If we have an imbalance in our spine or poor posture muscles, those discs can be more vulnerable to forces, and eventually they can rupture. The “doughnut” may tear off a little bit, or the jelly-like substance inside oozes out of it. That is what’s considered a disc herniation. Sometimes the “jelly” or the doughnut itself would be touching the soft tiny nerve, which is excruciatingly painful.

How Spinal Decompression Helps Herniation

Using specially designed tables, spinal decompression therapy is a form of gentle, intermittent traction to increase the space between the vertebrae, allowing the disc to move back into place, reducing stress and pressure on the nerve. The process is safe and effective, and many patients find it so relaxing they fall asleep during treatment.

Getting Help for a Low Back Injury

Ever have your back go out when you bend down to do something, such as picking up an object? We had one such patient with a low back injury, and he experienced back spasms and pain down his legs.

After a consultation and examination with our team, we suspected a possible disc bulge and referred him to one of the facilities we work with for some imaging. We got the report back and found he had a disc herniation.

The L4-L5 area touched the nerve, and he was in constant pain all the way down his leg into his foot. The patient experienced a sharp, stabbing, sleep-disturbing type of pain.

His treatment plan included eight weeks of spinal decompression, cold laser, and massage therapy. Within six weeks, he was sleeping and fishing, and completely had his life back.

“When he called our office, he also called the orthopedic office, and couldn’t get in for 8-9 weeks. After he was feeling better with us, he still went to his appointment, and the medical doctor was thrilled the patient was feeling better,” said Dr. Dudum.

That MD not only now refers patients to our practice for spinal decompression, but also told the patient that if he had not seen us, he would have had spinal surgery. Plus, to add insult to injury, the man would have been in pain for a few months while waiting to get surgery, but with Dr. Dudum’s help, he avoided surgery.

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