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How Spinal Decompression May Help Bulging Disc

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At Dudum Chiropractic, one of our greatest passions is helping patients put pain in their past so they can move forward with their life.One of our patients, a very active woman, had pain referring across her hip and into her groin. Leg pain and hip pain are common with the L5-SI disc. There’s a little branch that goes not down the leg, but into the groin area. She injured herself a year or two ago and had been going to a chiropractor, but wasn’t getting better.

Finally Finding Answers

This patient already had an MRI and found someone looking for answers, but couldn’t find the answers. Through one of our blogs, the woman saw that we offer spinal decompression, so she asked if we could help her.

She came in, we did a consultation and asked her many detailed questions about the mechanism of her injury and pain, when it hurts, what makes it better, etc. We also studied her MRI results and correlated it with the exam and consult, and found that she had a disc bulge at the L5-S1. The other chiropractor couldn’t help her, because an adjustment wasn’t going to help a disc bulge.

So what exactly is it? A bulging disc occurs when the inner, jelly-like portion of the discs between the bones in the spine bulge out through a tear in the outer (annulus) part of the disc.

Based on the patient’s diagnosis, we prescribed an 8-week treatment plan.

An Effective Alternative to Surgery

The orthopedist the woman was seeing had referred her to physical therapy, but that wasn’t going to help the disc bulge. They also wanted to surgically remove the disc bulge, but we were able to give her an effective, nonsurgical solution with spinal decompression.

How it works

Spinal decompression can pull the discs apart enough that the bulge can be pulled back in. The decompression takes the pressure, stress and inflammation off the nerve that’s going into her groin.

Customizing Treatment to Get Results

After 2-3 weeks of spinal decompression, the patient was not getting better. Now for the good news: our spinal decompression table is so unique that there are almost 50 ways to use the treatment on someone. We can have them face up or face down. We can bend their legs one way and bend them the other way. We can rotate them and do different types of oscillations-the depth with which we pull the patient.

“What was amazing was that the first few weeks of the treatment were not working until we made some alterations to our treatment plan based on the uniqueness of our table,” said Dr. Dudum. It’s the best table out there with the most variations, which is why we use it at the practice. When we made that alteration within the next three weeks, she was 80% better. The patient no longer has hip pain and can exercise and sleep again.

In addition to spinal decompression, this patient was treated with cold laser therapy, which reduces inflammation.

Find Out More

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