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HOW to HEAL Plantar Fasciitis

  • How to know you have plantar fasciitis
  • Which treatments help and which treatments hurt
  • The one key that truly speeds your recovery

Watch the video to the right to get the answers to these questions. And if you are ready to let these problems go, and get back to feeling terrific, click the link below to schedule a free meeting with Dr. Dudum, and download the whole body stress survey to idently the cause of your plantar fasciitis and highlight the specific steps back to feeling great.



It’s pretty clear, my feet don’t hurt anymore! I am no longer choosing my footwear because I’m afraid my feet will hurt. I am walking without pain and I know exactly how to keep it like that. Dr. Dudum has been absolutely terrific in helping me.

- Julie S.

Dr. JD Dudum is Northern California’s Authority on Integrated Health

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