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Run Marathons Again with Chiropractic

Well, maybe we’re not all marathon runners, but recently, I had a patient come in who was a marathon runner that we were able to help through chiropractic care. She’d had MRIs and X-rays on a foot and hip injury that the medical doctors weren’t able to help her with and she was told her next option was surgery.

Runners on Beach

Taking a Chance on Chiropractic

The runner came into our office without ever having been exposed to chiropractic care before. We educated her on the process and gave her a full physical examination, during which I found that she had lower back and foot issues.

Giving You What You Never Thought Possible

After 2-3 months of care, she was doing much better and was able to qualify for the Boston Marathon! She never thought she’d be able to reach this goal because of the severity of her injury and the diagnoses she’d received from the other doctors.

You don’t have to be a marathon runner to benefit from our care. We can help you get back to any of the things you used to do and restore proper function to your body. Call us today! (925) 300-3302

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