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The Launching of New Career

I was introduced to chiropractic because of high school sports injuries. I was trying to deal with horrible migraines that were caused by basketball injuries. It was in trying to find the answer to pain relief that I learned about alternative medicine.

Kids playing basketball

Function at your optimal level with chiropractic care.

A Fascinating Alternative

I was fascinated that the field of alternative medicine was dedicated to finding ways to allow the body to heal itself and improve itself. It was this aspect of alternative medicine that cause me to decide to become a chiropractor.

I chose the path of chiropractic because I wanted to help people find their body’s true potential in the same way chiropractic helped me find mine.

Propelled by the Power and Effectiveness of Chiropractic

It was 15 years ago that I was propelled into a chiropractic office by a high school basketball injury and to this day it still amazes me! Chiropractic care allows people’s bodies to heal and function at their optimal level. My high school basketball injury was healed!

This amazement is not one of surprise that chiropractic works. Rather, the amazement lies in my deep appreciation for the power and continual effectiveness of chiropractic.

Everyday I am honored to share this amazing power with the Walnut Creek community. Give me a call if you haven’t experienced the power your body has to heal itself!

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