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Dudum Chiropractic

Your Chiropractor In Walnut Creek, CA

More than anything, we want to help you achieve your goals. At Dudum Chiropractic, we promise to listen to your concerns and help you understand your assessments and test results. We will listen and provide you with a suggested care plan to help you get where you want to be.

Whether your goal is to be free of pain, lose the extra weight, or improve your athletic performance, we are here to provide you the tools and the support you need to reach your goals.

Find Relief & Achieve True Health

Dr. Dudum is proud to offer a variety of services to help you reach your goals and address a wide range of health concerns.

  • Family chiropractic care for relief and wellness.
  • Massage to help you relax and feel incredible.
  • Nutrition care, including a healthy detox plan to feel your best.

We’ve created an incredible, state of the art welcoming atmosphere for you. And right now, you can schedule your first visit with us for just $39! This includes a consultation with Dr. Jd Dudum, a comprehensive examination and your first chiropractic adjustment.

So, what are you waiting for? Use the form below to request your appointment now!

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  • Was exceptionally pleased with the whole office. I moved and was interviewing several offices to find the right chiropractor. This was the one I chose!
    -Bonnie S.
  • I felt much better after the first treatment and slept better. The following day, I was able to exercise and move easier without pain.
    -Catalina C.
  • Don’t change a thing, keep up the great work!

    Jeff N.

    The initial process was straight forward, quick and easy. Everyone was very warm and welcoming the entire time. The constant positive energy that all the staff have reflects greatly on the office and how the practice is run.

    Carly J.

    I liked the fact that I wasn’t just brought in to crack my back but evaluate my situation and come up with a game plan to fix it.

    Mike B.

    -Home Testimonials 4
  • I am glad to have found such a fantastic facility and look forward to being on the mend. I am also happy that you will be able to service my son through his athletics.
    -Valerie A.
  • Dr. JD always relieves my pain! He understands what hurts, where and how to fix it fast!
    -Lucy R.
  • The doctor relieved any concerns I had. Very friendly and made me feel very comfortable.
    -Chanelle R.
  • I really enjoyed my first visit and I’m looking forward to my next appointment.
    -Christopher P.
  • Best experience with a chiropractor, hands down. Thank you for making the experience as calming and welcoming as possible.

    Madison P.

    Great first visit! Thank you!

    Lindsey M.

    I’m very happy I met Dr. Dudum. My back is so much better now. He and his staff are pleasant and helpful. And the office is nice. I look forward to my visits.

    Toni T.

    -Home Testimonials 3
  • Staff was very friendly and professional. The receptionist was very pleasant and sent reminders prior to my appointment. The assistant was very thorough when taking my medical history and major complaints and the doctor was super upbeat, and encouraging regarding my treatment. A very pleasant office atmosphere. I can’t wait to start my treatment.
    -Nicette B.
  •  I had very little hope that my back would get better prior to my appointment. However, after meeting with the doctor and going over the treatment plan, that changed for me. For the first time in a year, I feel hope again. Also, the team members who worked with me were kind, careful, funny, and put me at ease. Finally, the office is a special place. The staff really like each other – it’s evident in the way they treat each other. That’s a real positive for me.
    -Colleen M.
  • Dr. Tong was great, made me feel welcome from the first second!
    -Robert T.
  • I felt “heard” for the first time in months and came away very hopeful that I can get rehabilitated and resume my prior activities. Yay!
    -Jennifer L.
  • Office is beautiful, staff is friendly AND PROFESSIONAL! I feel like I will finally get some relief from my pain. Thank you!
    -Barrie D.
  • The practitioner was extremely helpful and very supportive and attentive to my situation. He was sympathetic. My experience at your practice was excellent.
    -Maria D.
  • I did not feel any stretch or any other feel on my back even my second visit today.
    I do not have any soreness of my back after the visits
    -Michael C.
  • Dr. Dudum is a wonderful chiropractor. I am back playing golf after being treated by him. He solved my back pain problem in a short time! He is very personable and has great knowledge of chiropractic care. His staff are friendly, warm and professional. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for an active lifestyle.
    -Elias S.
  • Dr. Dudum is wonderful at his practice. He pays attention to details to help diagnose the issues affecting ones’ body, and carefully listens to your concerns, leading to effective treatment. His care really helped me from my first visit on.
    -Emilie A.
  • Relief from back/hip pain thanks to Dudum Chiropractic care! THANK YOU!!
    -N. P.
  • My first visit impression is Super efficient and Very friendly staff.
    -John G.
  • Happy to have found JD Dudum Chiropractic. Wonderful, feeling much better and hopeful that all my joint pain will soon be a distant memory.
    -Susanne R.
  • Front desk staff are outstanding! Dr Dudum you are an excellent chiropractor thank you for your help.
    -Laurie B.
  • Great customer service and communication. Very skilled doctors.
    -Sam S.
  • Great Staff & wonderful atmosphere & love coming to my sessions knowing that I can walk out feeling better!
    -Karla C.
  • Very friendly office staff and everything was explained to me about my treatment. Thank you.

    Denise D.

    Great first visit and I’m looking forward to continuing my chiropractic care with Dr. Dudum.

    Ryah M.

    Dr. Dudum and his team are awesome! I initial came in to see Dr. Dudum due to severe joint pain in my left foot. Three weeks later, the swelling is gone and I’m fully mobile with no pain. I greatly appreciate the time and attention I receive from their office. Google Review

    Angela G.

    -Home Testimonials 2
  • DR T and the whole staff were welcoming and very attentive. Thank you to them after 2 visits and 1 treatment I feel great!
    -Javier S.
  • Great place! Terrific Doctor and staff! Everyone is so friendly, patient and knowledgeable. No hidden agenda’s here! I loved everything ab this practice! Definitely would recommend!!! They are awesome!
    -Susun F.
  • Everyone is super friendly. Really made me feel welcome. I have herniated discs and the doctor listened to what I had to say about my pain and explained what the problem is and how he may be able to help. He is going to put put together a treatment plan that will hopefully help me. First experience in the office was really great. Great staff!
    -Maria F.
  • Very knowledgeable. I noticed an improvement after just one visit which was amazing!
    -Chris J.
  • I appreciate the professionalism and genuine care that Dr. Dudum and his team has showed me. I am so glad that I became a patient here. Thank you!

    Monica G.

    Not only was my consult excellent but I have relief after my first adjustment appt. Also his treatment plan was very reasonable to get me back in shape.

    Becky T.

    Dr. Dudum is personable, professional and really helped me! I have no hip pain now and could barely get out of bed or walk when I first met with him.

    Jeniffer P.

    -Home Testimonials 5
  • The folks up front were so helpful. They made everything flow easily and efficiently.

    Nico V.

    I really enjoyed meeting Dr. Nick, and appreciated the amount of time he took to explain things, evaluate my situation, and do a treatment. I am very hopeful I will find some relief for my pain.

    Nancy L.

    Thank you for listening!

    Rick E.

    -Home Testimonials 1

    Love the positive and wonderful people here!!! Very upbeat and fun environment!!

    -Judith D.

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