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Dr. Dudum Shifts Focus From Chiropractic to Spinal Decompression

dr-jd-dudum-headshotGrowing up, Dr. Dudum was a highly competitive basketball player. While playing at 16, he sustained two concussions in a month, had swelling in the brain, and was diagnosed with post-concussion syndrome.

He suffered from horrible migraines and would have to sit in a dark room, unable to talk to anyone.

After six months of taking prescription drugs (including switching medications) with little to no success in symptom improvement, Dr. Dudum vividly recalls what happened in one of his art classes. “I had just switched medications and my arm went numb. I couldn’t draw, and art was a huge passion of mine,” he said. After telling his mom what he experienced, they knew there had to be someone who could help. There was—a chiropractor.

Experiencing Relief & Real Results, Naturally

The chiropractor found that when Dr. Dudum got hit, his neck got misaligned, and the bones in his neck were causing stress. No other doctor had discovered the misalignment. After four weeks of chiropractic treatment, Dr. Dudum’s migraines were completely gone.

I legitimately had my life back.

A Desire to Help Others

Since he was 16, Dr. Dudum wanted to be a chiropractor so he could help people as he was assisted. After earning his Doctor of Chiropractic from Life Chiropractic College West, he spent a decade providing effective chiropractic care and nutrition to patients across the spectrum.

Diagnosed With a Bulging Disc

In 2020, while working on a patient, Dr. Dudum felt discomfort down his leg. For two or three months, he had daily relentless leg pain and numbness. He did all the things he knew to do: get chiropractic treatment, do physical rehab, get cold laser therapy, and stretch. Nothing helped, and the pain was affecting his job, mood and sleep. After getting an MRI, Dr. Dudum learned he had a bulging disc at the L5-S1, the most common spot for a bulging disc. He had a few options, one of which was spinal surgery. Given the side effects, lack of success rate, and the percentage of people requiring a second surgery, Dr. Dudum was confident there had to be a better solution.

person on a decompression table

Discovering Spinal Decompression

After doing research, Dr. Dudum came across non-surgical spinal decompression. He knew that was the option for him, so he bought a DOC table, put it in his practice, trained on it, and within six weeks his pain was completely gone!

Over the last three years, Dr. Dudum has built a spinal decompression clinic where he focuses on helping people avoid spinal surgery, which is a big passion of his. “I’ve been in the shoes of the patients who cry because they can’t sleep or hold their child because of pain, and empathize with them,” said Dr. Dudum.

Providing Hope & Healing Help

With this therapy, he can now assist patients who weren’t able to get help for their disc issues with traditional chiropractic care. For Dr. Dudum, the exciting part of what he does is knowing that he can offer patients hope and a solution. “There is a path from where they are to being able to exercise again-to live their life without pain being on their brain,” he said.

If you’ve been told surgery is your only option for your disc issue, we beg to differ. Contact us today to book an appointment with Dr. Dudum!


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